Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ben in Moscow: Tetris Homeland



It’s been quite a trip. By the time this email leaves my outbox I’ll be home and asleep on wonderful American soil. God bless this country. After two weeks of constant traveling I’m more than ready to get home and relax. Moscow was ok, but certainly my least favorite of all the cities on the trip. We did some cultural stuff around the city, but our two days were poorly planned and we were late to everything. It turns out that in Moscow you don’t take official cabs. Rather, you just find someone going in your general direction and give them money to bring you along. Half of our “cab drivers” got lost because we don’t speak Russian and we couldn’t effective tell them where to go. The other half got lost because they were dumb.

Some things I did:

- I bought 25 bottles of Vodka

- We went to the Kremlin, but it was closed by the time we got there because they felt like closing early

- I went to an opera at the Bolshoy. That ‘s the place that’s famous for ballets, which we were supposed to see. Unfortunately it’s not ballet season so we saw an opera. It was an Italian opera and the subtitles were in Russian. I was ridiculously bored but fortunately we missed most of it because our cab driver got lost. I looked really good in my opera outfit.

I’m glad to be done with Moscow, and don’t intend to go back anytime soon. Oh, I forgot in my last trip report to mention my visit to the great wall of china. It was a big wall, in fact it was the biggest wall I’ve ever seen. Nice scenery and all that, but it wasn’t overly spectacular. There were bears though, and that’s pretty cool.

Here are my trip pics:

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