Sunday, June 4, 2006

Ben APM Trip and Japanese Toilets


I’m officially in Japan. Day 1 was pretty exciting (and exhausting). We had a very strange Japanese style dinner that was pretty yummy. The waiter didn’t speak English so we had to point to things on the menu. Of course, there were problems with that method of communicating so he brought us whatever he felt like. We ate some weird food, and I tried it all. Even gross things like tiny little fish where you eat the head and everything.

We went to Japanese bars and clubs last night too. I was exhausted, but how often do I get to go out in Tokyo on a Saturday night? I did some Japanese style dancing and watched my friends strike out with the Japanese girls.

BTW, the toilets here are weird. I’ll upload photos when I have time. FYI, my intl cell phone doesn’t appear to work in Japan. Apparently they use a weird version of CDMA here. So for now I’m only available by email and if you call my hotel phone. 03-3476-3000, room 2911. It’s the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel.

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